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Single-use products, such as tampons, pads, and liners, not only come in an excessive amount of packaging, but immediately turn into trash once consumed. Considering that half of the population experiences periods, that is not only a large amount of trash, but also one that requires an even bigger number of resources and chemicals in its production – only to end up polluting our landfills, beaches, and oceans.

Zero waste, zero worries: As the lifespan of single-use products is merely a few hours, Phia Cup is a one-time investment that lasts you years. It comes in recyclable paper packaging and enables a waste-free period.

Hand Holding Phia Menstrual Cup

Almost 9 decades ago, the first commercial tampon was produced. Ever since then, the market of menstrual products has seen little development. The short life-span of single-use products has created a monthly dependency of consumers the billion-dollar industry still flourishes from.

Until now: with the rising trend of reusable products such as menstrual cups, women are starting to question the traditional industry, its product safety and its enormous effects on the environment. Consumers increasingly demand transparency and advances that give them control over their periods yet many are still hesitant to break their own habits.

Phia believes in closing this gap, making the switch from traditional products easier like never before. After a long phase of research and development, Phia has created a sustainable and safe alternative, with an application that mimics what people are already used to.

By encouraging those who use single-use products to transition to alternative products, Phia aims to offer support in their process of getting to know their bodies and becoming more conscious about their period. Phia strives to be part of an honest and open representation of female reproductive health, and thereby, becoming part of removing the stigma attached to it.

"Phia is constantly innovating and has future products in the works. Our mission is to create eco-friendly & unique products that make a difference in women's lives."

Sophia Peterson, Phia Founder