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About Phia

Phia is a sustainable menstrual product startup committed to making innovative eco-friendly products. Phia Cup is a modern version of a menstrual cup. With its thin triangle area, the base, handle, curved rim, and tapered end, Phia Cup's features make it easy for tampon users to make the switch to this eco-friendly alternative.


Sophia Peterson Phia Menstrual Cup Founder
Our Story
Our Story

The idea for Phia Cup came while the founder, Sophia Peterson, was studying abroad in Budapest and was introduced to menstrual cups through a friend. Menstrual cups have so many benefits; however, many people complain about them not being as easy to use as tampons.

To solve this problem, Sophia decided to create a comfortable menstrual cup with an application as similar to a tampon as possible. The thin triangle areas collapse the cup to a small size, the flat base allows the cup to be inserted by pushing up, and the handle can be pulled down, which aids in reaching the cup to remove. These features mimic the pushing and pulling function of tampons and make it easy for tampon users to make the switch. Phia Cup has been tested by over 100 women including three doctors, to which we received positive feedback.

Sophia sketched her initial ideas for Phia Cup at the library Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár in Budapest and the design evolved from there. Sophia is originally from the United States and currently resides in the Netherlands. In 2021, Phia will be releasing Phia Cup in Europe. With future products in the works, Phia hopes to continue creating sustainable, innovative period products. 

"Although I loved the idea behind menstrual cups, I struggled to find the perfect cup. Inserting and removing a cup quickly and effortlessly was one of my biggest priorities, so I decided to create Phia Cup. I was used to using tampons in the past, so I wanted to create a cup that mimicked that application, making it easier for others to also make the switch."

Sophia Peterson, Phia Founder