Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, welcome! By using a menstrual cup you’re taking a great step towards a zero-waste & effortless period. Cups are also free from the harmful chemicals that are often found in disposable pads and tampons, for a healthier period and a happier you.

Using a cup is not hard. However, as with everything, it might take some time getting used to how to comfortably insert your menstrual cup. But don’t worry! You’ll be a pro in no time.

When inserted correctly, you shouldn’t be able to feel Phia cup at all. If there is discomfort, use the handle to push or pull the cup higher or lower until it sits comfortably.

If you experience any leaking, don’t worry! It could be because the cup didn’t unfold all the way. To check the seal, run your finger around the cup to check. You could also check if the placement of your cup is a bit too low - try placing it a bit higher. It can take a bit of practice to find the best way to insert for your body, so be patient with yourself. It will get easier once you get the hang of it and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Being relaxed during insertion & removal is essential for a comfortable experience. Remember to breathe, relax your muscles, and wiggle the cup back and forth. You can squat or put one leg up, find a position that works best for you! The shower is a great place to insert & remove your cup. The warm water can help you relax and it is easy to empty the cup in the drain. The first few times can be difficult for new cup users. It will get easier once you get the hang of it.

The handle aids in reaching the base of the cup to squeeze and remove. Don’t pull on the handle too hard. We recommend pinching the handle and gently tugging on the handle until you can reach the grips & triangle at the bottom of the cup to squeeze. This will break the seal and collapse the cup to a smaller size, making it easier to remove. If the handle is hard to reach, squat and gently “bear down” to push the cup down.

Is your Phia cup too cozy and won’t come out? Don’t worry! The cup isn’t going anywhere. Try to relax, take a minute to breathe, and then try again. Once you break the seal it will come out.

After each use, wash your cup with gentle oil-free soap and water. Between cycles, wash & place it in the storage pouch until next month! For a deeper clean, sanitize the cup in boiling water. Let the cup cool before handling it.

And if you’re worried about cleaning your cup in public toilets, don’t be! You can give your cup a wipe with some toilet paper before re-inserting (since you can wear your cup for up to 12 hours, this scenario is unlikely).

Phia cup is size regular and is designed as close to a “one size fits all” as possible. Our test groups consisted of women who have and haven’t given birth and we found that this size worked great for both groups. We plan to offer more size options in the future as well.

Phia cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone and does not contain artificial dyes, latex, PVC, or BPA. The storage pouch is natural cotton and our packaging is recyclable.

Yes, Phia Cup can be used with an IUD but we recommend discussing it with your doctor and possibly getting the IUD string shortened. Be mindful of the IUD strings while removing the cup so you don't accidentally pull on the IUD.

If you’re feeling frisky while on your period, that’s wonderful! However, penetrative sex is not recommended while wearing your cup (although you can remove your cup and embrace the messiness, maybe have a towel at hand).

Menstrual cups collect blood rather than absorbing it like a tampon or pad would. So when you first start using a cup you might be surprised about how little you actually bleed - the average amount of blood people lose is between 6 to 8 teaspoons. This means you can keep your cup in with no leaking and no risk of overflowing for up to 12 hours!

However, every period is unique, and if you have a heavier flow you might need to change your cup more frequently. The more you use your cup and get to know your body, the better you’ll understand how often you should change your cup. Do what works for you!

1 Phia Cup = 5,000-14,000 tampons

Zero waste, zero worries: As the lifespan of single-use products is merely a few hours, Phia Cup is a one-time investment that lasts you 10 years. It comes in recyclable paper packaging and enables a waste-free period.

The risk of getting Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) from using a menstrual cup is very very small. TSS is rare and can be prevented by properly cleaning your cup and removing it 10 to 12 hours after insertion.

With sustainable innovation as the backbone of the company, Phia is revolutionizing women's health, providing practical products for the modern woman.

Its thin triangle area, base, and handle mimic the pushing and pulling function of tampons, making it easy to make the switch. Its reinforced rim prevents leaks and the tapered/slim shape prevents pushing on your bladder, making it more comfortable.

Your Phia Cup will last about 10 years, eliminating the need to buy single-use products. However, if you see any tears or holes, or if you feel like it’s time to refresh it, we recommend replacing it sooner. Even if you change your cup every couple of years, you’ll still be saving tons of money and reducing your waste enormously.