Phia Cup Headquarters in The Netherlands

Phia Team

Hi there!

For those of you who don't know, we are based in the Netherlands! Besides being attracted to the famous canals and stroopwafels, we fell in love with the innovation and openness.

Plus, the Dutch are known for their successful fight against floods. Fitting, right?

We are the team of Phia sharing our knowledge and experiences. With Sincerely Phia, we will be sharing women's health articles, personal stories and give you the scoop on everything wellness and lifestyle related.

In our blog, we will not only provide helpful tips and tricks but create an open space that evokes our community to engage in open and real conversations.

Our product, Phia Cup, is an easy-to-use menstrual cup, that helps tampon users to switch to a more comfortable, effortless & sustainable alternative. But we are also much more than that: We’re aiming to build a wellness community focused on health & wellness, empowerment and lifestyle.

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